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Government of Jordan Websites Content Management Platform

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Government of Jordan Websites Content Management Platform

Client:Government of Jordan, Industry:Government,  Region:Jordan


In Jordan the governmental entities created their digital presence individually, using different technologies, with no coordination nor consistency with each other; resulting in a medley of visually puzzling and functionally incoherent websites. Government websites, by design, must facilitate the lives of citizens by providing up-to-date and accurate information, enact transactions and perform other clerical tasks on an easily navigable, intuitive platform. At the mean time for the citizens of Jordan, that isn’t quite how the government’s internet presence seems to work. Not to mention the publishing of online materials that is handled by dozens of content management systems, where each governmental entity manages its content separately. This could be fine since governmental entities have different purposes, responsibilities and knowledge to share, but having no single-point management option can cause problems in certain occasions where governmental websites should present unified logos, announcements, data, etc..

Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, through a dynamic partnership with Echo Technology has obtained a Digital Government Standardization to achieve a unified digital government in addition to improving Quality, Accessibility, Usability, Availability and Security.

Now the Ministry is putting these standards and guidelines into action by assigning Echo Technology to redesign and redevelop the Jordan Government Websites according to the published standards.




As a certified Microsoft Azure product, the Government of Jordan did choose EB Content Management System to be the central web content management for the governmental websites. where EB CMS will replace all current CMS’s for the governmental websites. .

For 1st phase Echo team will engage with 50 entities to have their websites upgraded to EB CMS, restructure their sitemap, redesign the website layouts and launched by mid of 2020.


EB v4.0: Content Management Platform - Multi-Tenancy.

After being the one of the most successful Content management system for governmental website deployments in the middle east with more than 150 successful. EB excel again with the “EB End Point” integrator to enable multi-tenancy, allowing sharing content on multiple website all at once. .

EB CMS offers a wide range of out-of-the-box modules meant to make the content management a pleasant experience.


 Powerful Publishing Tools.

 Assets Management.

 Powerful Search.

Form Builder.

Built-in SEO Tools.

Detailed Analytics.

Multi-Platform Capabilities.

Robust Content Templates.

Versioning for Quick Rollback.

Workflow and Controls.


Between on-Premise and Cloud As EB CMS do have the capability to be hosted on either on cloud or on-premise. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and Echo Technology have established a strategy that combine the best of both worlds. Where the strategy state that knowledge should be separated from services, entities that provide online services should do that through a separate portal. Where the website will be hosted at Microsoft Azure with all its public information as for the services and sensitive information and services will stay hosted on-Premise.


Moving to Content Management Platform ROI:

60% Reduce in Licenses Cost

30% Reduce in Hosting Cost

80% Reduce in Maintenance Cost

45% Reduce in Development Cost


Moving to EB Content Management System and Platform



No Matter if you are looking for a standalone website deployment or a platform for the national level, EB CMS is your best option.